Why this collection of stories?

When professionals and policy makers talk about 'tourism', we often hear facts, figures, economic terms and returns. Isn't that strange, knowing that tourism is all about the joy of traveling and hosting, meeting people you didn't knew before, being amazed of the beauty of our world?

Sometimes, traveling and meeting strangers leaves you speechless. A warm encounter with another human being, an unforgettable vieuw on nature or a discovery of something you've never seen or experienced before: it influcences your life so deeply you feel like transformed.

Tourism fosters connections between people, creates tolerance, respect for culture, arts en differences. Travellers and hosts become responsable stewards for humanity and earth. That is what tourism really is about. We want to contribute to this awareness.

The magic of stories

The more we recall and share our stories about our travelling and hosting experiences, the more we experience  the benefits of our adventures. The more we remember how important travelling and being a host is in our lives, the more we engage in fostering traveling experiences for people with less opportunities. By remembering and sharing our stories, we become more dedicated to broadening our world for ourselves and for others: as a traveler and as professional or volunteer in the tourism and leisure sector. 

Connect Your Story brings travel memories back into existance. The Connect Your Story team invites, asks, listens and writes. We weave stories together in a meaningful pattern for you to discover. With this growing collection of stories, we want to encourage people to explore our world. We want to serve entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals in the sector with stories about the importance and benefits of traveling and hosting. We want to encourage you to help creating experiences for people with less acces to the benefits of a holiday.

Wanna Join? 

As a professional in leisure and tourism: You can invite our storyweavers to your (tourism- or leisure-)events. We invite your guests to tell their travel stories, we write these down and publish them on Connect Your Story and - if you'd like that - in a newspaper we spread on your event. No doubt that your participants become alive by telling their stories and discovering the adventures of others. And that they attend your event with a renewed sence of the essence of the work they contribute to.

As a reporter? Would you like to strengthen the team of Story Weavers with your ears and writing skills? Do you have easy acces to a bunch of stories of hosts or travellers? We'll be happy to hoist you on board of this journey.

Or do you have a story that could inspire others? Reach out to us, and we'll be most honoured to have a good conversation with you.


Storyweaving - Co-authoring

Co-authoring the future of travel and hospitality. An unfolding practice in tourism in Flanders. Curious? Have a look at the documentary! For more information check the website here.