Els Meersschaert

  • Temse - Elversele
  • 50 years old

Els Meersschaert lives in Flanders, Belgium.

She is always on the road, with people.

Working for twenty years in youthwork, from local to international level, and social profit and cultural organisations, she got more and more convinced of the strength of making  human connections and conversations between people.

Believing strongly in the power of groups, she wants to share her gained experience in this area, by supporting processes and conversations in groups of people and teams, as a free-lance group&conversation facilitator.


1 story to discover

Lost in Ghent

When does one lose her recklessness? What do I give up when I go on a 'more thoughtful' journey? Can I ever get again butterflies in the stomach through the feeling of recklessness freedom? Will I get something in return, when I give up my naivety?