Griet Bouwen

  • Bilzen
  • 56 years old

Griet Bouwen lives in Flanders, Belgium. She owns her small business 'Nieuwmakers', where she combines her love for learning, listening and writing in a generative story-harvesting service for organisations with a social purpose. Since 2012, she harvests holiday stories of travellers, tourism entrepreneurs, volunteers, social workers and policy makers. Working as a story weaver for the Holiday Participation Centre of Tourism Flanders and Connect Your Story is like dreams coming into reality, she says. 

27 stories to discover

Hospitality, a step towards peace

From the Latin hospes, ‘host’, ‘guest’ or ‘stranger’.
The subtle art of making a guest feel welcome.


Yes, we can be pioneers for world peace

We can establish lots of opportunities for young Europeans to travel. That youngsters who never have been abroad, gain confidence, pack their backpack and dare to go out. And that, after this first experience, they dare to broaden the boundaries further and further.


Voluntary work is a big thing in our world

Arwa Zarra works in the Vacances et Familles organisation in France. In times of thorough individualism in the Western society, the contribution of more than 1500 volunteers in this organisation is a true alternative story.


Returning home with an enriched mother tongue

Since 2016, Chené Swart, from South Africa, regularly travels to Flanders and stays with a family in Limburg. Chené returns back home with a deeper connection to her mother tongue and a lot of gratitude for the diversity of South Africa.