Griet Bouwen

  • Bilzen
  • 54 years old

Griet Bouwen lives in Flanders, Belgium. She owns her small business 'Nieuwmakers', where she combines her love for learning, listening and writing in a generative story-harvesting service for organisations with a social purpose. Since 2012, she harvests holiday stories of travellers, tourism entrepreneurs, volunteers, social workers and policy makers. Working as a story weaver for the Holiday Participation Centre of Tourism Flanders and Connect Your Story is like dreams coming into reality, she says. 

27 stories to discover

Going on holiday can be life-changing

Social tourism offers holiday opportunities to people who would otherwise struggle to go on holiday for financial, logistical or practical reasons. According to Professor Scott McCabe, holiday experiences can be life-changing.


Weaving holiday stories as golden threads into our lives

When people in the helping profession/care workers offer space to talk about holiday experiences, they have a chance to integrate their hopes, experiences and discoveries into their personal and family life line.


Tourism Transforms

In April 2017 Peter De Wilde, choreographer/director of Visit Flanders (Toerisme Vlaandern) , opened the door to a new path towards the future for his organisation and the sector. He initiated the 'Tourism Transforms' process.


The Holiday: Slowly getting a Feel for the Mystery of Life

How do two young people raised in very different worlds see holidays? What do they see as the essence of the holiday experience?