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Social Tourism acts as a lever for the right to travel

A conversation with Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) | 7 September 2017


Grasping the essence of life

After a trip to India, I learned that when you free yourself from all that materialism and perfectionism, you come closer to the essence of life. Explore

A plea for playfulness

The child in us often lurks just below the surface, it never leaves us. Watching an enjoyable performance or listening to a captivating story brings a childlike carefreeness and amazement to the surface. There’s a healing force in it.


The Holiday: Slowly getting a Feel for the Mystery of Life

How do two young people raised in very different worlds see holidays? What do they see as the essence of the holiday experience?


Weaving holiday stories as golden threads into our lives

When people in the helping profession/care workers offer space to talk about holiday experiences, they have a chance to integrate their hopes, experiences and discoveries into their personal and family life line.


Returning home with an enriched mother tongue

Since 2016, Chené Swart, from South Africa, regularly travels to Flanders and stays with a family in Limburg. Chené returns back home with a deeper connection to her mother tongue and a lot of gratitude for the diversity of South Africa.


Amazed to be amazed

Els is recalling the tandem cycling trip she went on in Brighton last year in May. This typical South-Eastern English town was both the starting and arrival point of a 600-km cycling track.


Tourism Transforms

In April 2017 Peter De Wilde, choreographer/director of Visit Flanders (Toerisme Vlaandern) , opened the door to a new path towards the future for his organisation and the sector. He initiated the 'Tourism Transforms' process.


Lost in Ghent

When does one lose her recklessness? What do I give up when I go on a 'more thoughtful' journey? Can I ever get again butterflies in the stomach through the feeling of recklessness freedom? Will I get something in return, when I give up my naivety?


Longing for peace

Peace of mind