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Hospitality and welfare

Learnings from Bénin, Africa


On habits and a diversity of lenses



Travelling changes your life

A holiday can be a very important moment in the life of a young person. Tourism among young travellers is undervalued, whereas it is in fact extremely important.


Four tiny grains of sand

This is the story of four girls on an unplanned trip to Morocco.


Yes, we can be pioneers for world peace

We can establish lots of opportunities for young Europeans to travel. That youngsters who never have been abroad, gain confidence, pack their backpack and dare to go out. And that, after this first experience, they dare to broaden the boundaries further and further.


Tourism grows from living roots

Conversation with Marianne Schapmans, October 2014


A young voice from Hungary

“Move. Do things together. It makes you stronger.”


On Italian Hospitality

On the ISTO World congress Storyweaver Anneleen met Valerio Ferrante. They had a chat around hospitality, a main value in tourism in general and social tourism in particular.


Tourism Transforms

In April 2017 Peter De Wilde, choreographer/director of Visit Flanders (Toerisme Vlaandern) , opened the door to a new path towards the future for his organisation and the sector. He initiated the 'Tourism Transforms' process.


The importance of net free time

Everybody understands the meaning of “free time” as the time you are not spending doing your work, whereas “net free time” is the time left over when all your duties have been fulfilled. This time is important. Explore