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Little things are the most important ones

Travelling in the Provence …
because the little things are the most important ones.


On the road together before growing apart

Nathalie went on a four-and-a-half month camper tour throughout Europe with her family. It was a carefully thought-out trip, planned two years in advance, and an unforgettable family experience.


When you step outside the gates of your resort...

What kind of holiday do we want this year? Beach, mountains, rest, action, familiar, new, luxurious, basic,…? People choose where they want to go and what they want to do.
But what about values?


Grasping the essence of life

After a trip to India, I learned that when you free yourself from all that materialism and perfectionism, you come closer to the essence of life. Explore

Returning home with an enriched mother tongue

Since 2016, Chené Swart, from South Africa, regularly travels to Flanders and stays with a family in Limburg. Chené returns back home with a deeper connection to her mother tongue and a lot of gratitude for the diversity of South Africa.


Amazed to be amazed

Els is recalling the tandem cycling trip she went on in Brighton last year in May. This typical South-Eastern English town was both the starting and arrival point of a 600-km cycling track.


Four tiny grains of sand

This is the story of four girls on an unplanned trip to Morocco.


Weaving holiday stories as golden threads into our lives

When people in the helping profession/care workers offer space to talk about holiday experiences, they have a chance to integrate their hopes, experiences and discoveries into their personal and family life line.


Respect, value and enjoy what is different

A conversation with Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) | 12 September 2017


Hospitality, a step towards peace

From the Latin hospes, ‘host’, ‘guest’ or ‘stranger’.
The subtle art of making a guest feel welcome.