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Amini from Fiji

Wendy will never forget how unselfish the local people of Yanuya are, they want to help you without wanting something in return. They want to spend their time with you and learn you all kinds of things. That is something she had never experienced before in all her time of traveling.


Working on sustainable tourism in the Dominican Republic

Tourism is very important in the Dominican Republic. But for the moment there is still a vicious circle in the country that makes the rich only richer and that doesn’t help the poor communities to develop themselves. Turissol, the agency for sustainable tourism wants to change this.


Travelling changes your life

A holiday can be a very important moment in the life of a young person. Tourism among young travellers is undervalued, whereas it is in fact extremely important.


Yes, we can be pioneers for world peace

We can establish lots of opportunities for young Europeans to travel. That youngsters who never have been abroad, gain confidence, pack their backpack and dare to go out. And that, after this first experience, they dare to broaden the boundaries further and further.


Solidarity: essence of social tourism

Diversity, joviality, freedom, openness and the space for everyone to just be themselves. That’s what lies at the heart of social tourism.


Tourism helps the environment

The Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda, Mexico, helps organisations and residents move towards an economic development which respects the needs of the environment. Tourism is a significant lever for this development


Hospitality, a step towards peace

From the Latin hospes, ‘host’, ‘guest’ or ‘stranger’.
The subtle art of making a guest feel welcome.


Four tiny grains of sand

This is the story of four girls on an unplanned trip to Morocco.


Behind the blue gate

My best friend Maya and I hopped on the rattling bus to the suburbs of Cuzco. Maya had been living in Peru for a year by then, so she was used to it: bumpy rides, fast Spanish conversations, streets becoming more and more decrepit as we moved away from the centre of town. Explore

Why 'Connect Your Story' is so important

Taleb Rifai, godfather of Connect Your Story tells us why this project is so important.