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Holiday as a milestone

Going on holiday is a fundamental human right. Everyone has the right to get away from the daily grind and renew their energy.


Grasping the essence of life

After a trip to India, I learned that when you free yourself from all that materialism and perfectionism, you come closer to the essence of life. Explore

Longing for peace

Peace of mind


I deserve a break every once in a while

A bit of space to disconnect goes a long way towards a healthy life


A plea for playfulness

The child in us often lurks just below the surface, it never leaves us. Watching an enjoyable performance or listening to a captivating story brings a childlike carefreeness and amazement to the surface. There’s a healing force in it.


Travelling changes your life

A holiday can be a very important moment in the life of a young person. Tourism among young travellers is undervalued, whereas it is in fact extremely important.


Tourism helps the environment

The Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda, Mexico, helps organisations and residents move towards an economic development which respects the needs of the environment. Tourism is a significant lever for this development


Travelling exercises your tolerance muscles

Tourism offers us the opportunity to meet other people. That’s important, because we learn to see and value other people, who often live, think and interact differently than us, without judging them.


Tourism grows from living roots

Conversation with Marianne Schapmans, October 2014


Returning home with an enriched mother tongue

Since 2016, Chené Swart, from South Africa, regularly travels to Flanders and stays with a family in Limburg. Chené returns back home with a deeper connection to her mother tongue and a lot of gratitude for the diversity of South Africa.