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Longing for peace

Peace of mind


A plea for playfulness

The child in us often lurks just below the surface, it never leaves us. Watching an enjoyable performance or listening to a captivating story brings a childlike carefreeness and amazement to the surface. There’s a healing force in it.


Holiday is a state of mind

Having a holiday is having sudden access to space and time.


When you step outside the gates of your resort...

What kind of holiday do we want this year? Beach, mountains, rest, action, familiar, new, luxurious, basic,…? People choose where they want to go and what they want to do.
But what about values?


Going on holiday can be life-changing

Social tourism offers holiday opportunities to people who would otherwise struggle to go on holiday for financial, logistical or practical reasons. According to Professor Scott McCabe, holiday experiences can be life-changing.


I deserve a break every once in a while

A bit of space to disconnect goes a long way towards a healthy life


Holiday as a milestone

Going on holiday is a fundamental human right. Everyone has the right to get away from the daily grind and renew their energy.


The importance of net free time

Everybody understands the meaning of “free time” as the time you are not spending doing your work, whereas “net free time” is the time left over when all your duties have been fulfilled. This time is important. Explore

Yes, we can be pioneers for world peace

We can establish lots of opportunities for young Europeans to travel. That youngsters who never have been abroad, gain confidence, pack their backpack and dare to go out. And that, after this first experience, they dare to broaden the boundaries further and further.