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A Totem to connect

Pascal talks about the importance of holidays, very aware that he hasn’t had a holiday in over three years. He explains that as a small business owner he has to travel a lot, so that a hotel room is absolutely the anti-thesis to what defines a holiday for him.


Lost in Ghent

When does one lose her recklessness? What do I give up when I go on a 'more thoughtful' journey? Can I ever get again butterflies in the stomach through the feeling of recklessness freedom? Will I get something in return, when I give up my naivety?


Hospitality and welfare

Learnings from Bénin, Africa


Piucha: all is one

How can we dream of the world of tomorrow, beginning with ourselves? ‘Piucha’ will help with that, says Chief Benki Piyako Ashaninka. He is sometimes called the Dalai Lama of the Amazon, or the ’Guardian of the rainforest, awakener of the consciousness’.


Social Tourism acts as a lever for the right to travel

A conversation with Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) | 7 September 2017


Grasping the essence of life

After a trip to India, I learned that when you free yourself from all that materialism and perfectionism, you come closer to the essence of life. Explore