Michelle Roosenbroeck

  • Kessel
  • 31 years old

Michelle lives in Flanders, Belgium. She works for the Holiday Participation Centre of Tourism Flanders. She loves to travel and discover new people and cultures. In her job as a ‘vakantiebemiddelaar’ she organises day excursions and holidays for people who experience travelling difficulties. She believes that holidays enrich a human’s life by bringing joy and inner peace. She loves listening and writing, and as a storyweaver she can combine these passions by sharing travel experiences and inspire people to go on holiday.

2 stories to discover

Working on sustainable tourism in the Dominican Republic

Tourism is very important in the Dominican Republic. But for the moment there is still a vicious circle in the country that makes the rich only richer and that doesn’t help the poor communities to develop themselves. Turissol, the agency for sustainable tourism wants to change this.


Amazed to be amazed

Els is recalling the tandem cycling trip she went on in Brighton last year in May. This typical South-Eastern English town was both the starting and arrival point of a 600-km cycling track.