Wendy Van de Cruys

  • Ghent
  • 49 years old

Wendy lives in Flanders, Belgium. She loves her new job as 'vakantiebemiddelaar' at the Holiday Participation Centre of Tourism Flanders. Together with her partner she also owns her small business 'Zoro Y Zaza', where she combines her love for skin and pigments in Make-Up services for media company's. Touching people's skin often opens their hart and it is there where she discovered her passion for listening and understanding. Since 2017, as a volunteer, she harvests holiday stories of travellers for whom it's not so easy to travel because of difficulties in their lives; and of people trying to help others to beat those difficulties. She deeply believes that having a good time and being able to tell your story is the best cure, for small individual - and for big world problems. That's why working as a story weaver for the Holiday Participation Centre of Tourism Flanders and Connect Your Story is the perfect whay to fill her own heart and to open others.

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2002. Tikal, Guatemala. Following the footsteps of their guide, Carine and Nele forage through the jungle. Carine is looking forward to their destination: wonderful temples revealing the story of their guide’s legendary ancestors, the Maya.